Buddhist film festival 2020 canceled due to corona

The Buddhist Film Festival (BFFE) is canceled this year due to the corona virus. Like many others worldwide, the BFFE has also been greatly affected by the developments surrounding the virus.

The board: ‘We deeply regret that we cannot meet live, now in this period where the festival always takes place to experience the wisdom culture together. The first noble truth is now widely felt directly by all of us. Especially nowadays it is very important to continue to propagate the altruistic values ​​in our society, in our immediate living environment, our personal practice, in stillness and with compassion for each other. ‘

The organization has not been idle over the past year. On June 1, BFFE started its distribution branch – BFFED, Buddhist Film Foundation Europe Distribution. BFFE Director Babeth VanLoo, who has been on the board of the International Buddhist Film Festival in the United States since 2003, has entered into a full partnership with the associated new online channel for Buddhist films in the US, the Buddhist Film Channel (BFC). That initiative to which she has contributed to the development for two and a half years now finally manifests itself from the beginning of 2021 and has been confirmed by an exclusive contract between BFC and BFFED for distribution in America of Buddhist films and TV programs of Dutch origin and producers. In addition to films that have been created by Dutch TV or clients or by Dutch makers or producers, films that have been screened on BFFE from other European countries may also be eligible for distribution by BFFED.

In recent months, BFFE has selected several films during the lockdown that were broadcast on TV by the Buddhist gaze KRO/NCRV, and brought them to the attention again via the facebook page.

From October 31/November 1, BFFE will now start monthly online events for members that take place in the last week of the month with films and/or panels, and/or guided meditation. The weekend of Oct. 31/Nov. 1 was held in the context of the US elections, with a film that also advocates racial equality in Buddhism, and an intro by BFFE team member Ilone Inge. At the end of November, addiction treatment from a Buddhist perspective will be devoted to a film and a panel. At the end of December, a panel will discuss our experience and attitude towards corona and the lockdown, with a guided meditation.

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