About Buddhism Universe

Buddhism Universe was founded on November 8, 2020 by — and is a division of — NMRKOB or Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – Online Buddhism, an organization that has been helping people to practice Nichiren Buddhism independently since September 15th, 2010.

Buddhism Universe is an online publishing website and community that provides the world with news, media, and education related to Buddhism with the aim to help the world to live in harmony with dharma and live an enlightened life.


Thanks to the safe and easy Patreon integration people interested in Buddhism can access our community including Buddhism Universe radio station, forums, monthly podcasts, and members only content.

The radio station plays calming Buddhist music without interruption with rest night programs and special programs such as music with special vibrations to accomplish astral travel, healing, and more.

The forum is the perfect place to find answers to your questions, connect with other respected Buddhists around the world who share their story in one of our forums that you can interact with, if desired. The community is the place to learn and the place to connect and enjoy with like-minded people.

We publish every month a special mind soothing session with modern electronic sounds in the podcast section to give you the ultimate temple universal mind-peace experience.

In addition to the radio station, forums, and monthly podcasts, the community at buddhismuniverse.com offers members only content that is only published exclusively on this website.


NMRKOB was founded by Tikehiko Michio Namiki-Sensei in the Japanese city of Nagasaki. He passed away in 2017. One of his students from the Netherlands, Mr. Peters, along with other classmates, want to continue the Sensei’s wish to achieve enlightenment should be accessible to everyone without restrictions. NMRKOB is now operated worldwide from Spain.

NMRKOB is a very rapidly growing independent Buddhist organization. NMRKOB links annually literally millions of people all over the world. NMRKOB has not gone unnoticed among the celebrities. Boy George, Ferras, Guinevere, Kat Dahlia, Daniel Goddard, Sheryl Underwood, Emily King and Nabiha have already discovered NMRKOB and went before you.

NMRKOB can be described as, and is recommended by one of the worlds largest newspapers in the world, Hindustan times. The former students and now leaders of NMRKOB insist on prioritizing you above everything. The definition of NMRKOB is “you”. 


NMRKOB wants to continue Sensei’s idea with Buddhism Universe and  we have started a YouTube project called “Live Without Worries” to help people in financial need using the revenue generated online.




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